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Jagroa Ton

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Jagroa Ton

Post by SpartBounty on Fri May 14, 2010 8:15 pm

Name : Jagroa Ton

Alliance :

Class: Bounty hunter


Melee skill:

Blaster skill:

Engineer skills
Piloting (space ships):
Piloting (Land/sea vehicles):

Weapons used: (All classes, excluding jedi/sith may carry 6 weapons {2 handed items count as 2 items} )

Age : 26

Race : Mandalorian

Planet of Birth : Mandalore

Looks :

Personality : He loves to kill people and earn credits.

Allies : Anyone

Foes : The Jedi.

History : Jagroa's father was a bounty hunter. Everyone in his family was a bounty hunter except for Jagroa. One time, Jagroa's family had to go on a mission that required all of them. It turned out that the target was a Jedi master. Jagroas whole family died. He then devoted his life to finding the Jedi that had killed them. When Jagroa went into a cantina, he asked around where the Jedi master might be. Everyone pointed to a place that angered Jagroa, the graveyard. There he found a grave that had the Jedi masters name on it. Jagroa was surprised to find one object that caught his eye, the Jedi's lightsaber. It was lying on the grave, so Jagroa took the lightsaber. He then destroyed it on the planet korriban to show that he hated the Jedi.


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