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Lara Ters, Jedi Council Member

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Lara Ters, Jedi Council Member

Post by Atreyuvision on Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:23 am

You may only choose one of the classes, soldier, bounty hunter/mercenary, jedi/sith.
You may have two characters, but only one may wield the force. (They cannot help one another)

Name : Lara Ters

Alliance : The Council

Class: Jedi

Rank: Jedi Council Member

Melee skill: (applies to all classes)
Strength: Base 2 + 2 = 4
Agility: Base 4 + 0 = 4
Defense: Base 4 + 1 = 5

Force: (Applies to Jedi/sith only)
Light side powers: 5
Neutral powers: 3
Dark side powers: 6

Engineer skills (applies to all classes, but sith/jedi are restricted somewhat {See skill system})
Piloting (space ships): 4
Piloting (Land/sea vehicles):

Weapons used: +2 to strength +0 to agility +1 to defense
Light saber staff: The blade is emitted from one end of a rod or staff, increasing the reach of the weapon to produce a spear-like effect.

Age : 22

Race : Miraluka
They differed from Humans in that they lacked pupils or irises, instead bearing only vestigial white orbs, and perceived the environment around them through the Force instead of regular vision. This vision was so strong that if a Miralukan looked upon a Jedi or Sith they could "see" the Force radiation off them. For moral reasons, Miraluka hid the appearance of their eyes by wearing a headband, a mask, or similar concealing headwear. As a Force-using species, Miraluka were often quite shocked if shown life not connected to the Force.

Planet of Birth : Alpheridies

Looks :
With out Robe

With Robe

Personality : A wise, and upbeat character. She is always optimistic, and always has something to say, but she is a little naive.

Allies : En'In, Kenrick.

Foes : Sith, Darth Thanos.

History : She was born on her species home world Alpheridies, she was raised by her mother for a good portion of her life. Her father had abandon them, leaving her mother to raise Lara by herself. She was 14 when a Jedi Master came to her home, which was odd considering she thought they were all extinct. The Jedi Master's name was Kenrick Ægean, he was young at the age of 18. It took some convincing, but Lara's mother agreed to let her go. Lara said her good-byes and took off with Kenrick. She was an extremely quick learner excelling through the ranks at an amazing rate. She traveled across the galaxy with him for all of her Padawan years. She was then promoted to Jedi Knight at 18, two years later Kenrick and Lara settled down on their journeys on Dantooine. She was trained further there...Until one day they decided to travel once more, around one year later. They confronted a powerful Sith Lord named Darth Thanos, and two other dark jedi who followed him. Kenrick dueled Darth Thanos, while Lara held off the other two. She managed to slay one, but while doing so the other one jumped off to attack Kenrick. Kenrick spun around to stop the attack, slicing the Dark Jedi in half. But he was hit by force lightning in the back, Darth Thanos was relentless, he would have surely killed him since Kenrick was temporarily paralyzed. Lara jumped in front of the attack, in a attempt to stop it. She barely held against it as it burnt her hands in doing so. Kenrick managed to reach his feet and blast him away with a force push, he then threw a large boulder on top of him. He sensed more Sith nearby, so he quickly put Lara on his shoulders and fled.

Rp sample: N/A

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Post by Mide-Okk Naror on Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:31 am

I always thought Lara was a human? Oh well at least the Council is growing.
Mide-Okk Naror

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Re: Lara Ters, Jedi Council Member

Post by Atreyuvision on Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:36 pm

She was, but I decided to make her would make her force affinity cooler.Very Happy

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Re: Lara Ters, Jedi Council Member

Post by VivaLaCult on Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:13 pm

I love being a miraluka

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Re: Lara Ters, Jedi Council Member

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