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The Beginning

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The Beginning

Post by Darksideshift on Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:07 am

A long long time ago. A planet not charted and out side of the galaxy we know died by unknown destruction. Only three survivors made it off of the doomed planet before it was wiped from exsitance. but not all of them were lucky. the ship had suffered to much damage to make it to any planet with life. and the the ship drifed for years. But hope still linger on board this ship. For as a deep space salvage crew stumpled acrossed the dead and mangeled ship they found a small stasis pod hiden in the deck of the cargo room. In side was a baby boy still alive. With hair as white as snow and eyes of silver. The salvage crew thought about selling the child as a slave but a young woman demanded that he betaken to Coruscant to the orphanage. She reasoned this with them showing the corpses of his parants to them holding a photo of him in their bony fingers. and with that it was desided. They would savage the ship and drop the child off in Coruscant.

To be Continued in Coruscant

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