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The Beginning-Continued

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The Beginning-Continued Empty The Beginning-Continued

Post by Darksideshift on Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:14 am

As the salvage team landed in one of the foulest parts of Coruscant. they were soon greated by tall blue female Nautolan dressed in some kind of ropes.
She spook in a soft and caring voice." you will hand over the child to me." and with out even a second thought the young woman handed the baby to her, but as the semless haze lifted from the young woman she was shocked at what had happened. "hey what the hell just happened?" she let out in an angry tone. The Nautolan then revealed to the salvage team that she was a jedi and that her masters had sent her here for this child for they had sinced his coming for some time. and with that it was over. As they parted ways the young woman ran back to the jedi. "hey wait this is his" she yelled as the jedi turned around and took the photo of his parants. "give it to him when you think he is ready." and with that the jedi bowed in agreement and took the photo. As she walked with the child in hand she looked at the back of the photo."Decon Meir, and below that scratch into the back we love you."

Nine years later.....As Decon walked one of the many hall inside the jedi temple. He looked down over one of the balconies overlooking the cortyard in which a small group of youngling like himself was training. The jedi that so long ago brought him here walked up to him and asked him a question."What is troubling you Decon?" As Decon eyes sharpened down at the group he asked her." Aloua why do i have to be seperate from the others why cant I train with them? Its as if I am not good enough to be with them." Aloua shock by the statment respond quickly."That is not true Decon! It is that you are unique. There has never in our records been any one like you so we have to becareful Decon. We dont want you to get hurt." Decon angered by these words." Hurt! Hurt how could they think I could get hurt? I have done things that would wound some and kill others. what limits do I have that they dont?" Aloua looking sturn at Decon said."Mind your feeling Decon Anger is a path to the darkside, a path you do not want to walk down. A path that will hunt you and consume your very life." Decon settling him self looked back to her and smiled." Im sorry Aloua that is not becoming of a jedi. Please forgive me for my out burst." Aloua looking smurky. " Well you better be. I hate that I had to scold my padawan learner on his first day!" Decon looked up In awe speech less. "Well dont just stair at me like that. Its not been anounced yet to every one, but there is to be a meeting in a few minutes and I was ordered by the masters to bring you before them." Decon still looking dumb struck started to let the overwhelming thoughts seep in. but in all that he was told he just could not take it in. "Lets go we are going to be late!" as Aloua grabed Decon who was still shocked to think of becoming a padawan learner." But why?" Is all he could let slip from his mouth.

With in the chamber of the jedi council it was quite and calm. As the masters told Decon of his new rank and of the responsibilities that he now had. every one stayed silent in the halls as they left, for no one realy knew the boy who was now one step closer to becoming a knight of the jedi order. Decon looked up to Aloua with a half sad and smile look on his face. She looked down at him and smiled and said,"Every thing will be alright Decon we all knew this day would come. The masters told me along time ago that you would be my padawan and that I would be a stone in your path that would bring so much to this galaxy." and within that moment She reached into a pocket in her robe and pull out the photo and handed it to him." I promised some one long ago that I would give this to you when you were ready." Decon took the photo and look at it confused,"Who are they Aloua?" he said looking bewildered."They are your parents Decon. They gave their live to save you. When you were found and brought to us they had pass onto the force but their will was clear, and that is how the master became aware of you. One day Decon you will have to make a choice and it will change the galaxy for ever." Decon still looking at the photo turned it to the back and saw his parents final words to him. "I don't understand Aloua why am I different what makes me some grand thing." Aloua looking uneased by his question knelt down and looked him in the eyes." You are destined for things no one can change. Your life is set in the force. You are to become great a person Decon. It is the path that you chose to walk to get there we must prepare you for." Decon looked at Aloua with deep concern."What are you not telling me Aloua? What have you seen of my future. What is it!" As Decon turned away Aloua put her hands on his shoulders. "Decon I do not know, but one day you will know something and if you do not act the galaxy sufer. That is why we have trained you so. So when that day comes you are not lost. So that you have a path before you." Aloua stood up and turned and started to walk down the hall. "Decon come along you have much training ahead of you." and under her breath. "....and so little time."

Four years later.....As the two jedi step off a transport ship that had just come back from a planet in the Mid Rim, an uneasy feeling loomed over them. "Decon you seemed bothered is there something wrong?" Decon much older and stronger than before looked off in to Coruscant's dark skies.Decon could feel something had change when he tried to stop the raiders. Images of men and women being slashed and cut to peices raced through his mind as if it was good. "I dont know anymore Aloua, all these missions I just..... I just cant bear them any more." Aloua conscerned by this,"What are you saying Decon we are doing good for the galaxy. If you had not stop those raider when I was captured then alot more people would have died." Decon pounded his fist into a rail on the walk way. "But they dint have to died if they had just listened to me! If they would had done what I told them none of it would have happened. They would still be alive. I would not have liked doing it" There was a long puase between them. Aloua knew this day was coming but not now. "Decon dont do this." Decon turned and faced her his eyes once silver now flowed like mercery. "What! dont stop being a pawn, a tool, a thing that they test to see it limits! And the worst thing is they have used you to do it to me." Aloua eyes started to water with tears."I didnt do that Decon! I never used you!" Decons eyes shifted back to silver they settled on her face. "You still lie to protect them. I thought of you like a mother to me, and yet you where just a leash to make me do their biding." "Thats not true Decon!" Aloua yelled as she ducks the load burst of air that hits the walk way as a ship passes by. Decon was gone though. vanashed in thin air.

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The Beginning-Continued Empty Re: The Beginning-Continued

Post by Darksideshift on Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:18 am

some more that ends it for now!

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