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Post by Atreyuvision on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:05 pm

Each rank you are given three more points for each skill (limited to your class), there are a total of six ranks for each class. You may only put a maximum of two points into one stat for each skill tree. Jedi and sith are limited with their engineer skills, they only get one point per level, unlike every other class who gets three.

Melee Skills: (All classes)
Strength (Determines how hard you swing your weapon, and the likelihood of breaking a parry)
Agility (Determines how fast you can swing your weapon)
Defense (Determines how well you can parry.)

Blaster Skills: (Bounty hunters, Mercenary/Soldiers only)
Pistol (Determines how well you wield a pistol)
Rifle (Determines how well you wield a rifle)
Shotgun (Determines how well you wield a shotgun)
Sniper (Determines how well you wield a sniper)

Engineer skills: (All classes, but sith/jedi are top)
Piloting (Space ships)
Piloting (Land/sea vehicles)

Force Skills: (If you are a jedi, you are unable to study the dark side of the force until you meet two requirements. One you must be a jedi master, Two you must be approved to study the dark side by the Jedi Council. IF you are a sith you are unable to study the lightside until the rank of Sith Lord, and you must never tell another sith that you study the light side. Once you reach the rank of Jedi master/Sith Lord you may redo your force powers as you please. The more points you have in a certain side, the greater your skill in that side becomes.)

Light Side:
Dark side:

(You pretty much have all the powers on that site, but their power increases with the level of your force mastery)
For a reference to force powers look here

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