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New Planet Balosar

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New Planet Balosar Empty New Planet Balosar

Post by VivaLaCult on Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:57 pm

Balosar was a planet in the Core Worlds, and home to the Balosar species. It was a polluted, poverty-stricken world of grimy factories and downtrodden people, and a place where tourism was discouraged. Such an environment encouraged many of the native Balosars to become criminals.

Underground, protected from air pollution, were grown large crops of balo mushrooms, and extract of which was used to make death sticks. Death sticks were the primary rival of ryll on the spice market.

When the New Republic came to be, Balosar did not join it. About that time, the planet suffered a setback: air pollution infiltrated the underground balo farms, poisoning the crops and the stored spores. As a result, ryll was able to practically monopolize the drug world.

The planet was right on the path of the Yuuzhan Vong warpath. However, the invaders turned in a different direction, and the planet was spared during the conflict.

The birth place of the Balosar and the birth place of Darth Thanos...I Just don't know how to add planets.

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