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Post by Darksideshift on Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:24 am

Name :Aloua fey Dano

Alliance :Jedi

Class: Jedi

Rank: Knight

This Character Is a NPC and is only posted for background info on the jedi that trained Decon Meir

Weapons used: standard blue light saber(single hilt)

Age :24 at the time Decon became a Padawan learner.

Race :Nautolan

Planet of Birth :Coruscant

Looks :Blue skin, Black eyes and is 5' 7" tall

Personality :Sweet, calm and very at peace with the galaxy. but a very good fighter when the time is needed.

Allies :jedi order, "Decon Meir"

Foes :Sith, "Darth Zion"

History : Aloua is former master of Decon before his fall to the darkside. she cared for and looked after decon through his years at the jedi academy. Her roll was decide even before she had meet him. As was told to her by the jedi councile. in the many years that Decon trained under her as her padawan she knew one day that he would leave and, as the councile had for told. Decon after a bloody mission had finaly had enough of the ways of the jedi wishing to know more about himself and the power he had with in. four years after Decon left the order Aloua was sent out to search for any sign of Decon and if so report back to the councile. In her months of searching she found a young sith assassin just after he had killed a bounty hunter. and in that moment he had come to find the person she was looking for was dead consumed by a far darker being than she could have dreamed. seh vowed that day that she would set right the wrongs she had unleashed on the galaxy, but as she reported back to the councile her findings the councile told her that this was for seen. that her would turn to the darkside but with out the guidence of the light he would have fallen even farther than he had. with great pain in her heart she questioned the councile for days on why they would not let her know these things till now and then the final question why her to see his fall. The councile answered "For you are all that is left of his good and with out that the Decon you know will never return and, he knows deep down that can not be allowed.

Rp sample :

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