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Post by Mide-Okk Naror on Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:01 am

Since none of the other admins decided to say this. , I'll do it:This whole story/RP takes place anywhere from 237-1000 years after the events in the movies. Depending on if we feel like keeping it a long time ago(Soul Calibur IV placed Star Wars:The Force Unleashed at about the 1600's). That means everyone in any game, movie, movie, or comic based on and around the canon Star Wars is dead and probably rotted.

This is a rough outline of what is going on:

It has been (at least) 273 since Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Council. Within that time the Jedi have been effectively eliminated from the galaxy and a new Dark Lord had emerged, bringing with her a new era of prosperity and victory to the Sith. No longer do Sith vie with each other for power, allowing the Sith to conquer the galaxy. Along with her reforms of the Sith code, Darth Reginnas exterminated the Rule of Two, established over four millennia ago by Darth Revan, allowing many powerful dark Jedi to exist at once. To further the power of the Sith she established the Sith Council, in which only the most powerful Sith attended.

This sudden increase in dark Jedi allowed the Jedi council to be quickly overwhelmed. With all Jedi presence wiped from the universe, the Sith have had no problem establishing themselves as the dominate power in the galaxy. Darth Reginnas’s heirs have kept true to the new Sith code. The current Dark Lord, Darth Rexxus, has furthered the Sith dream of having a dark Jedi presence as strong as that of the Jedi during the days of the late Old Republic and early New Republic. The growing ranks of the Sith Empire have never been matched by a previous reign. But the cruel treatment of the Outer Rim has left many planets uninhabited and many more dead. These travesties have not gone unnoticed.

Kenrick Ægean, a one time citizen of one such planet, strives to bring back the Jedi council in order to make the Sith pay for their crimes. Gathering a small following, Kenrick moved to Dantooine and began a relentless search for holocrons so as to learn the ways of the Force. His allies searched Coruscant and the swamps of Dagobah. Each of their resolves are soon to be tested, as a new squad is being trained to hunt down and break these renegades. Unfortunately the squads dynamics aren‘t as strong as previously planned…

So if you start on Coruscant, Dantooine, Dagobah, or any other planet where it specifically says there is a Jedi outpost, you will most likely be asked to join the Jedi Council if you are force sensitive.

If you start somewhere else you have about a 4 in 5 chance of being found by the Sith and asked to join them or risk having them hunt you and kill you.

If you know you've been asked to join advanced training go to the Korriban page. Obviously some thing happen in different time periods, so yeah. Advanced training, for example, takes place about 7 years before everything else unless specified. This means anything happening in that time frame has the Dark Lord as Darth Rexxus or no one but there is a process going to select a new one(*cough* Darth Paven *cough*).
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