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Vannan Deadly Hunter (Admin)

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Vannan Deadly Hunter (Admin) Empty Vannan Deadly Hunter (Admin)

Post by VivaLaCult on Sat Nov 08, 2008 10:58 pm

Name :Vannan

Alliance :Sith

Class: Bounty hunter

Rank: Bounty Hunter

Melee skill: (applies to all classes)

Blaster skill: (Applies to soldier/mercenary, and bounty hunter)

Force: (Applies to Jedi/sith only)
Light side powers:
Neutral powers:
Dark side powers:

Engineer skills (applies to all classes, but sith/jedi are restricted somewhat {See skill system})
Piloting (space ships):4
Piloting (Land/sea vehicles):4

Weapons used: (All classes, excluding jedi/sith may carry 6 weapons {2 handed items count as 2 items} ) Gatling energy gun, Mandalorian Ripper, Needlecaster(shoots long thick needle like projectiles), Basic Vibroblade.

Age: 150

Race: Annoo-dat Prime

Planet of Birth: Gelefil

Looks: Massive around 7 foot 6 inches Rough, four eyes, two mouths, lizard like, very muscular and angry looking all the time.

Vannan Deadly Hunter (Admin) 250px-AshaarKhorda

Personality: Very harsh rude and unmannered person known for cruelity to his captives.

Allies: Wrath, Sith Empire

Foes: Anyone he is hired to kill

Not much is known about Vannan, his mind was wiped by his former employer to make him more obedient, he is however a very skilled killer, and is ruthless, he is allowed to roam free now that he works for the Sith, as long as he reports for major missions, very little is known about his past.

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Vannan Deadly Hunter (Admin) Empty Re: Vannan Deadly Hunter (Admin)

Post by Scarred_Hyena on Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:27 pm

fixed your points

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