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The Young Mystery Vaulkan

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The Young Mystery Vaulkan Empty The Young Mystery Vaulkan

Post by Vaulkan on Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:59 pm

ou may only choose one of the classes, soldier, bounty hunter/mercenary, jedi/sith.
Name :Vaulkan Fate

Alliance :Sith

Class: sith,

Rank:Lower then padawan

Melee skill: (applies to all classes)

Blaster skill: (Applies to soldier/mercenary, and bounty hunter)

Force: (Applies to Jedi/sith only)
Light side powers:
Neutral powers:
Dark side powers:3

Engineer skills (applies to all classes, but sith/jedi are restricted somewhat {See skill system})
Piloting (space ships):1
Piloting (Land/sea vehicles):

Weapons used: (beginner light saber:color Blood red.} )

Age :10

Race :Looks Human

Planet of Birth :unknown

Looks :The Young Mystery Vaulkan Couvangiruet

Personality :Vaulkan has a brash,arrogant and almost suicidal like nature liking a fight then any other way of negotiations.

Allies :none

Foes :none

History :Vaulkan was found on tatooine by a old man and his daughter they raised him for 5 years.On Vaulkans 5th birthday they were attacked the old man died and the girl was wounded they vanished off the planet using a nearly broken down space ship and landed on the planet Korriban.The girl died minutes after arriving.Vaulkan stayed in the ship living there and off the wildlands having found a hunters knife and a small blaster pistol.For 4 years he lived alone until he was discovered and taken by a group of slavers.Valkan slipped out of his bonds in the middle of the night and escaped the careless slavers.Vaulkan came across a city while traveling and ran a pick pocketing organazation for a few months now he just walks around day to day looking for the next adventure.

Rp sample:

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The Young Mystery Vaulkan Empty Re: The Young Mystery Vaulkan

Post by VivaLaCult on Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:12 am


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