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A path paved in pain.  Empty
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A path paved in pain.

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A path paved in pain.  Empty A path paved in pain.

Post by Darksideshift on Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:50 am

Some time after Decon left the order.

As Decon's mind let go of the orders ways the pain in his body grew. After nights of beating he question him self what he was doing. Decon looked through the bared windows of his room looking for a sign of any kind. "what have I done. Aloua I wish I was never found. I wish that I never became a jedi!"A man in the room next to him started to speak to him. " Kid you dont know the harder things in life. You act all big and bad when your out there, but we're all the same here, and when that sets in you will find it easyer to let go of those pathatic things in your past. I promise you kid it will make walking down this path alot easer on your body. Pluse fighting jedi and others that stand in your way is easer when you can walk." the man chuckled as he laid his head down on the floor. Decon angered," You don't know anything about me so don't act like you know what your talking about." the man laughed and under his breath said, "Kid i know more than you would ever want to know."

As the first dawns lights shown through Decons bared window he arouse to the thought of becoming more than some experiment that the jedi had fooled with. "I will be come a powerful warrior and not one of those jedi will stand in my way when I find out what this is all about. They will answer me. If I have to beat the criptic crap out of them." The man next room over over heard his arrogant lil'speach. "HaHaHa you and ever person here boy. we're all here to beat the Pudo out of those worthless jedi. Every last one of them." An image of Aloua past through Decons thoughts. " Well will see who gets to them first." Decon let out in a angry reply. " What make you so sure of your self kid?" the man asked. and without thinking he let it slip."I was a jedi once!" It went silent for some time and then there was a reply from the man. "Then why the hell are you here in this part of the trianning feild and not with the converts. The ones who already now the force why do you stay here when you could easly blast through that door and walk out. And another thing why dont you show it to the trainers........your a spie arent you!" and with that last mans thought he started to yell out his window "JEDI SPIE IN THE BARACKS, JEDI SPIE IN THE BARACKS, JED...." and with a few quick motions Decon force crushed the man throut. and with a hate filled growl Decon spoke to man slowly dieing in the cell next to him." You should not have done that friend and now you will pay for that with your life." and as the finaly breath left the mans body and he slumped to the floor. a voice from the veiwing window on the door with word that sounded like the were from some dark, wicked being."Goood.....I see you are not what you have been portraying your self as." there was a monent of slients execpt Decon rage filled breathing.The voice commanded some one."Open this door now I want this one in the court yard in 3 minutes."

As Decon sat there in the middle of the court yard thinking to himself. " What have I got my self into they are going to kill me." The shakles on his wrist and neck were to strong to break with the force. But that soon would not matter. He could feel the dark side swarm him as the students and other trianers of the academy pour into the sorrounding walk ways on the walls. and soon after as the last of the student gathered a giant door started to open from the far side in front of Decon. He could bearly make out the figure that was standing in the door way."Today we have a rare treat!" a dark voice emited over the intercom. "Today we have a Jedi spie, and we are going to show him what we do with spies." Decons chains were released then a powerful force push slamed his body against the wall and he felt as if every bone in his body was broke. "Now little one lets see what you can do." Decon gasping in pain stood up from the ground and looked as the shadowy figure apeared. It was the head instructor to the academy. Fear ran through Decon's body. he knew that there was no way out. He would have to fight to survive. Decon spoke as he stood up from the ground."I am no spie but if you want to fight lets go." The instructor grined as he looked at Decon."You little punk you have no idea what your dealing with." The instructor throw Decons sabers to him. Decon caught the first one but as the second one was about to land on the ground Decon was hit with a force slam that crushed him into the ground."You will die today young one and all of these students will see why you must never cross me." Decon caughed up some blood then laughed as if someone had told him the funniest joke he had heard in a long time. "You think some fancy force power are enough to kill me." The instructor fired off a force push at Decon, but he just stood there with one hand holding it back."What in world! The instructor exclaimed. "You are unquie but that will not save you. and in a split second the foce push became force lighting frying Decon were he stood. Decon drop to his knees. "Are you dead already how sad. I was hoping to have some more fun with you jedi." In that last word Decon snaped."I AM NOT A JEDI!" and force slamed the instructor into the the ground so hard the the whole court yard shook. But from releasing all that force he left himself weak as he fell back to the ground.The instructor stood up and walked over to Decon grining from ear to ear."I told you, you will die today." but he didnt get the chance to swing for another voice boomed over the crowed."Hold your saber!" and as a sith lord walked from the shadows all the student kneeled before him."That boy is mine to do with as I see fit Calric." the instructor froze in fear. all he could muster from his lips were." Yes Lord Xelerin."

Decon awoke the next morning in a large room covered in runes and mounted sabers."What the hell happened?" The Voice he heard before he passed out aswered Decon."You use the force like a child. You have no control anymore." Decon balled up his fist and yelled into the darkness."What do you know about me? You know nothing of who I am!" The Voice spoke again."I know what you are not, and you are no jedi and you are no sith. You do not control your self good enough to call your self jedi, and you dont know the basic of the darkside. If I were your former master I would never even bothered with you." Decon shouted back. "Then why save me from that instructor! why did you bring me here!" Lord Xelerin steped from the shadow and shouted over Decon."Shut up!" Decon fell silent looking into black eyes so dark that they looked bottomless."You will become a sith I will see to that, but you will learn your place. Now what is your name?" Decon just stared at him and then begain to answer him."My name is...." but before he could say anything eles Xelerin smacked him to the floor."Wrong I have not given you your name yet." Decon understood then as he pick himself off the floor. "I have no name Master." Xelerin spoke looking into Decons eyes."Good then I will give you one my apprentice. From this day forth you will be know as.....Zion."

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